How To Play

      • Fingers is  a rapid drinking game which needs no skills other than the ability to count.
        • Each player puts one finger on the rim of the bowl on the finger notch. Next, the player that starts begins a countdown of “3,2,1”. When the player gets to 1 each person must leave their finger on the notch or remove it (this must happen quickly). The player doing the countdown must say a fourth number after his 3,2,1 countdown. This fourth number will be the number of fingers that player believes will be on the bowl at the end of the countdown. This guess can be anything from 0 (all fingers removed) to however many total people are playing.
        • When this has happened, the number of fingers left on the bowl are counted. If the person says the correct number of fingers he or she has guessed correctly and is out for that round and therefor doesn’t need to drink at the end. If they are incorrect they must stay in the game. Everyone puts their fingers back on the bowl and begins to predict the correct number again.
        • The game continues until only one person is left, the loser must drink the all contents of the bowl or shot glass to complete the round.

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